“Step Forward”

The “Step Forward” Assistance Program has been developed to provide additional assistance to support families/ individuals who seek to improve their current situation and want to move economically forward.

It is intended to help provide sustained change to individuals/ families who demonstrate the ability and capacity to stand on their own after additional assistance.

Taking specific steps to help improve their current living situation, they move towards a more stable and sustainable living environment and life.

I Want to Improve my Future

Assistance may include, but is not limited to:

    Help with Education Expenses


    Providing funds for tuition, books, computers, tutoring, school supplies, remedial courses, etc. leading to a degree, diploma or certification.

    Help with Education Expenses

    A Stable Living Environment

    Providing assistance with rental expenses, deposits, utilities, etc. to stand on their own within a reasonable period of time.

    Help with Education Expenses

    Medical, Dental, Grooming Expenses

    Providing conditions that could lead to better interviews and employment.

    Help with Education Expenses

    Single Women

    Providing help with day care expenses allowing moms to work, extend their education or other activities to improve their standard of living.

    Criteria for “Step Forward” Assistance Program Participation:

    Participants in the program must want to take a step to make a difference in their lives and will be accountable for their success. Participants will need to identify the help they require along with the actions they will perform to achieve their desired outcome.

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