Key Achievements for 2017

OLOL SVDP provides emergency food

Our mission as a community-based volunteer organization is to provide emergency financial and material assistance to the needy, while maintaining their dignity and privacy regardless of age, sex, religion, race or ethnicity.

During the past 5 years, we have distributed over $765,000 in aid to the needy in our area and volunteers have donated 21,331 hours valued at $471,533.

Total emergency assistance disbursed during Fiscal 2017 = $161,643

$.96 of every dollar received is distributed as client aid to the needy

  • Provided $46,550 in delinquent rent payments and $2,824 in past due mortgage payments for 133 families


  • Provided $20,326 in overdue electric utility payments for 97 families


  • Provided $2,795 in past due water/sewer utility payments for 22 families


  • Distributed $32,409 in donated food to 313 families


  • Distributed $6,010 in food cards to 300 families
  • Distributed $13,469 in holiday dinner baskets to 382 families


  • Provided $5,857 in prescriptions and medical/dental assistance for 33 people


  • Provided $891 in bus passes for 74 people


  • Provided $7,830 in education assistance to 2 people

Volunteer Hours

Clients Visits              2,488 hours                      $56,478

Food Pantry               990 hours                        22,473

Administration                696 hours                     15,780

Total                         4,174 hours                    $94,731

How Can I Help?

Volunteer as a Field Representative
Donate money
Donate food

“Helping People Help Themselves”

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