Do You Need Help?

Who Do We Help?

We provide assistance to anyone living in our boundary area* of South Lee County, Florida, whose need meets our qualifications below. Recipients do not need to be members of the diocese.

*Our boundary area is from Alico Road south to Coconut Road, and from the Gulf of Mexico to the swamp.

Our mission as a community-based volunteer organization is to provide emergency financial and material assistance to the needy, while maintaining the dignity and privacy regardless of age, sex, religion, race or ethnicity.

What Help Do We Provide?

We focus on emergency assistance, and our field representatives personally interview potential recipients. If we cannot assist, we refer clients to other local agencies.

Overdue Utility Payments:

SVDP makes payments directly to the utility only.

Power: bills must be final notice before we can assist. SVDP does not pay deposits.
Water: bills must be final notice before we can assist.
Telephone: SVDP does not normally pay telephone bills. Rare exceptions are made for medical reasons

Rent/Mortgage Payments:

Mortgage payments must be overdue. Rental clients should have a rental agreement or a letter detailing rental arrangements.


If our field representatives determine that food is needed, they will personally shop for and deliver actual groceries to sustain the given household for the immediate emergency. A gift card to a grocery store may be provided for perishable items if deemed appropriate.


We will pay for medially necessary prescriptions as determined by the field representatives.

How Do I Get Help?

Call 239-690-6685. The phones are staffed Monday – Friday from 9-11 (with some rare exceptions). You can leave a message at any other time and our representatives will return your call.

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